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How to ensure that the pure water equipment meets drinking water standards?

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1. Even if the high-pressure pump of the reverse osmosis device is interrupted for a short period of time, the device may malfunction.

1.反渗透装置的高压泵即使有极短的时间中断运转都可能使装置发生故障。      2.反渗透装置停止时应用低压给水置换反渗透装置内的水。这是为了防止在停运时二氧化硅的析出(在冬季时水温下降之故)。      3. 当反渗透装置入口和出口的压差超过标准时,说明反渗透膜面已受污染或者是给水流量在设计值以上。如经流量调整尚不能解决压差问题,则应对膜面进行清洗。      4.过量的给水流量将使膜组件提前劣化,因此给水流量不能超过设计标准值。此外浓水的流量应尽量避免小于设计标准值,在浓水流量过小的条件下运转,会使反渗透装置的压力容器内发生不均匀的流动及由于过分浓缩而在膜组件上析出污垢。  5.醋酸纤维素膜的水解易造成反渗透装置的性能恶化,为此,必须严格控制水的PH值,给水的PH值必须维持在5-6,而复合膜可以在给水PH3-PH11范围下运行。  6.当注入的次氯酸钠量不足而使给水中的游离氯不能测出时,在反渗透装置的膜组件上会有黏泥发生,反渗透装置的压差将增大。但对于复合膜和聚酰胺膜来讲,必须严格控制进入膜组件的游离氯量,超过规定值将导致膜的氧化分解。


1. Even if the high-pressure pump of the reverse osmosis device is interrupted for a short period of time, the device may malfunction.


2. When the reverse osmosis device stops, use low-pressure feed water to replace the water in the reverse osmosis device. This is to prevent the precipitation of silica during shutdown (due to the drop in water temperature in winter).


3. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the reverse osmosis device exceeds the standard, it indicates that the reverse osmosis membrane surface has been contaminated or the feed water flow rate is above the design value. If the pressure difference problem cannot be solved by flow adjustment, the membrane surface should be cleaned.


4. Excessive feed water flow will deteriorate the membrane module in advance, so the feed water flow cannot exceed the design standard value. In addition, the flow rate of the concentrated water should be avoided as far as possible to be less than the design standard value. Operating under the condition of too small concentrated water flow will cause uneven flow in the pressure vessel of the reverse osmosis device and deposit fouling on the membrane module due to excessive concentration.


5. The hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate membrane is likely to cause deterioration of the performance of the reverse osmosis device. For this reason, the pH value of the water must be strictly controlled, the pH value of the feed water must be maintained at 5-6, and the composite membrane can be in the range of feed water PH3-PH11 run.


6. When the amount of injected sodium hypochlorite is insufficient and the free chlorine in the feed water cannot be measured, slime will occur on the membrane module of the reverse osmosis device, and the pressure difference of the reverse osmosis device will increase. However, for composite membranes and polyamide membranes, the amount of free chlorine entering the membrane module must be strictly controlled. Exceeding the specified value will cause the membrane to oxidize and decompose.